Monday, October 1, 2018

Finding Answers In Nature - Outside The Office

Good Monday Morning!
(why is it Mondays come so fast after the weekend?)

While I usually try to blog on Fridays, last week got away from me as we had spent a few days in the wilderness of Santa Rosa Island. As I closed up 6 years on Saturday building the lemonade company, I have spent more time than I normally would away from the office and hustle and bustle of lemonade land. A firm believer in balancing life and taking time to restore and rejuvenate, I tell my kids to take care of themselves, but I seem to rarely take my own advice. This morning here is my view from my our 41 foot sailboat and as I hear the seagulls around the harbor and the barking of the sea lions, and waiving to the local diver who cleans boat bottoms, the sun isn't yet up but the water is a beautiful mirror to the sky, reflecting watery moving images all around me.  At the islands we met the most amazing people, all so different yet, we all had a common need for nature and adventure. Inspired by an older woman who actually spends 4 times a year out there by herself in the backcountry for 8 days traveling miles each day .... all by herself. I was so inspired by her that we will be doing our next adventure on the island in the back country. While I love spending time with my husband of 34 years camping, I have also found that going out alone has been a rewarding experience. While I have always relied on my husband to set up the tent, set up the cookstove and generally take care of things, I love being able to do these things myself.  Spending time on San Miguel Island again this year for 5 days alone where you need to bring everything, including your water, has been able to give me another perspective of who I am and confidence that I can carry over to my lemonade company.  While it may seem that you are "playing hooky" and leaving work to play, I have found that the opposite is true. In the silence of nature, I have found more answers for questions that I have in my
work than sitting for hours and hours on end at my desk.  Allowing space for the brain to rest without restriction seems to be a lost art.  I recently showed up at Patagonia in Ventura, to buy some things for our island trip and when I arrived, there were no cars in the parking lot, the store looked dark and there was a sign outside that said "Field Day". I racked my brain to figure out what field day was, some sporting event?  I admit I was a bit frustrated as I needed these things and didn't have a lot of time to come back again. Turns out it that it was a day off for the employees to take time to do what they liked, mostly they went surfing. Yvon Chouinard who wrote Let My People Go Surfing always believed in this tradition of taking breaks away to help support the balance. And so, now as the sky
goes from dark to light I will take this with me today as I move through this week and get back on track. I look forward to the next step in building my company outside the walls of my office and feel a bit more strength after the rest to continue on.
Lori Volk
Chief Believer
Lori's Original Lemonade

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